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Remember When You Coudn’t Drink on Sundays?


No Alcohol Sales on Sunday

Remember last Sunday when you couldn’t have an adult beverage in an Anniston restraunt? Well, not THIS Sunday! The Anniston City Council voted Tuesday to allow Sunday alcohol sales. They can start serving alcohol at 11:00am. So what does this mean for you and me?

1. The Peerless Grill will now be open for Sunday Brunch. They will offer a Bloody Mary Bar and Mimosas. The Victoria could possibly extend their Saturday brunch over to Sunday. Can you imagine having a glass of champagne with one of David Mashburn’s fabulous desserts from Classic on Noble at their Sunday Brunch? Or with their famous Shrimp & Grits?

2. We can now go to one of the local sports bars and watch the Saints (not the Falcons) play the Sunday Night Game and … wait for it… have a beer.

3. We will no longer have to pre-plan, map logistics, or heaven forbid ration on Saturday.

There is also something about the economic impact it will have in the area. Yada, yada, yada.

Cheers Anniston!Welcome to the post prohibition era.

1526 Pomotaw Anniston,AL

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This is a 3 bedroom 2 and a half bath home in Saks. The house is located on a large corner lot. The tri-level has a family room which is adjacent to the kitchen which features a breakfast area and a breakfast bar. The three bedrooms are up stairs and all have a lot of room. The master bedroom has lots of closet space and it’s own private bath. The basement has a large den with room for an office. There is another half bath and the laundry room. A home warranty comes with the purchase of this home.

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Time Out: 100% USDA Financing

Good news for those looking to purchase with a 100% financing option. We just got notification that HUD is going to delay using the 2010 census data to update eligibility zones until March 2013. Yeah! This means Jacksonville is still considered a rural area and homes with in the city limits are still eligible. If you have  a question about a USDA loan or if a property is eligible, just ask!

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Mortgage Minute: USDA 100% Loan Program

For today’s Mortgage Minute Josh Wright with ERA Mortgage give us information about the USDA Loan program. A USDA loan is a 100% loan option for purchasers looking to buy a house in a rural area. In our market, most everything outside of the city limits of Anniston and Oxford is considered rural. Currently a credit score of 620 or higher is required. Their is a monthly fee, however it is less than the monthly private mortgage insurance (PMI) incurred with an FHA Loan, says Josh. Since this loan is geared toward low-income families, roughly on a household of 4 the total household income must not exceed $74,500.00 a year. The property will need to be located within the USDA eligible zones. If you have any additional questions about USDA Loans or any loan products just ask!

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Predictions After our National Convention

Predictions for the remainder of 2011 as told to the Top 50 ERA Companies during the International Business Conference:  There will be continued negative articles coming from the news media through the first half of 2011.  The simple reason is the media mostly compares sales data month over year (i.e.: March 2010 compared to March 2011). The comparisons are artificially negative due to the first-time homeowner tax credit being in full swing.  Thus making 2011 numbers look bad, when in actuality the 2011 numbers have a stronger foundation without government incentive. All that happened was the tax credit pulled future buyers out prematurely.  Therefore, the second half of 2010 sales numbers were artificially low after the incentive ended April 28 2010.  In the second half of 2011 month over year comparisons will be very favorable due to no government incentives with a stronger base business.  In other words, July of 2010 will compare much weaker than July of 2011.  This will cause positive articles coming out of the media for the first time in years!  This will bring rising confidence and a much needed sense of urgency.  Due to positive press and rising confidence, the second half of 2011 sales are expected to significantly increase, paving the way for a real and sustainable housing recovery.

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Energy Efficiency

Many homebuyers are often surprised by larger than expected energy and utility bills once they move in. After you have been in the home for approximately a year, you should have a better sense of your average heating, cooling and electrical costs. By spending a little time and/or money, you can make your home more comfortable and efficient.

For starters, try implementing a few of these quick and simple energy-saving tips to see immediate results on your various utility bills:

  • Keep your thermostat set around 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter. By avoiding constant adjustments you can stabilize your energy bills while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature year round.
  • Water that is wasted from leaky faucets and showerheads can really add up. Fortunately, they’re easy to fix with a do-it-yourself book. Toilet tank water-savers can also mean significant dollar savings.
  • Compact fluorescent lighting costs more than standard incandescent bulbs, but fluorescents last more than 10 times longer and use just a quarter of the electricity. Over its lifetime, a compact fluorescent bulb can save up to $60 on your electric bill.
  • Fireplaces can be a big energy leak. Check dampers and screens to make sure warm air isn’t escaping when the fireplace isn’t in use. Consider installing an energy-saving firebox to help circulate heat. If the fireplace is just for decoration, cover the chimney.
  • Make sure to keep filters clean and operating parts oiled for all your home appliances. Clean air conditioning filters and wall units each year. Change furnace filters frequently, and keep your furnace motor oiled. In fact, paying for a professional inspection once a year will keep things running smoothly and likely save you larger replacement costs later on.

In addition to these basic energy-savings tips, for a reasonable price you can insulate your home, or upgrade your current insulation, to maximize your energy efficiency. Insulating your home is one of the best ways to protect against high heating and cooling costs. Start with any unfinished attics and crawl spaces to get the most savings. Then move on to ceilings and walls and basement and garage. Be sure to check the weather-stripping on your doors and windows as well to keep the house draft-free and energy efficient..

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Sales and Inventory Report

Sales and Inventory Report
Category – Residential
Statistics for Entire MLS from 1/1/2010 – 12/31/2010
Counties:Calhoun, Cherokee, Cleburne, St.Clair, Talladega,
Month Year Monthly
Avg List $ Avg Sale $ Median Sold $ Avg DOM Avg CDOM % Sold/List Current
January 2010 116 $14,211,997 $129,859 $122,517 $124,250 124 154 94.34% 1633 14.07
February 2010 127 $14,911,740 $123,606 $117,415 $115,000 91 130 94.99% 1686 13.27
March 2010 206 $27,133,100 $138,174 $131,714 $125,540 106 125 95.32% 1738 8.43
April 2010 201 $27,195,764 $141,202 $135,302 $128,000 108 135 95.82% 1816 9.03
May 2010 181 $24,171,493 $138,815 $133,544 $132,500 97 133 96.20% 1845 10.19
June 2010 195 $28,701,896 $155,169 $147,189 $140,500 131 155 94.85% 2000 10.25
July 2010 140 $18,061,202 $139,647 $129,008 $113,750 100 126 92.38% 2088 14.91
August 2010 128 $17,694,856 $146,394 $138,241 $121,500 116 130 94.43% 2171 16.96
September 2010 165 $20,575,013 $133,679 $124,697 $117,400 109 133 93.28% 2231 13.52
October 2010 137 $16,279,638 $125,328 $118,829 $113,940 117 124 94.81% 2249 16.41
November 2010 127 $14,350,847 $120,076 $112,998 $105,900 105 133 94.10% 2234 17.59
December 2010 138 $17,813,099 $139,971 $129,080 $119,900 147 167 92.21% 2130 15.43
Annual: 1861 $241,100,645 $137,062 $129,554 $124,000 112 137 94.52% 1985 12.79
Annual: 2010 – 2010 1861 $241,100,645 $137,062 $129,554 $124,000 112 137 94.52% 1985 12.79

Note: The “Current Inventory” column(s) reflect the number of active(on market) listings on the 16th day of each month.
The “Months Inventory” column(s) value(s) equal “Current Inventory” divided by “Monthly Sales”.
This reflects how many months it would take to sell out of inventory at the current month’s rate of sale.

  • Total Months Inventory = Total Current Inventory / (Total Monthly Sales/12 Months)
Sales and Invetory History

–Information on this report is not guaranteed. There is no express or implied warranty by MLS of the accuracy of information which should be independently verified.–
Copyright: 2011 by the Birmingham Area MLS, Inc.

Prepared by Moorer, Anna-Marie of ERA King – Anniston on Saturday, February 26, 2011 2:30 PM.