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If a dog could talk…

Oxford Alabama is in the running to get a dog park! How exciting!

PetSafe is having a “Bark for your Park” contest. Oxford is in the medium sized city division. If we get the enough votes between now and June 26th we will remain in the running for the $100,000.00 prize! Votes can cast daily. VOTE FOR PARK HERE

Manolo Mashburn


Manolo Mashburn thinks that a dog park would be the perfect place for all her friends to gather and play. “Leashes are so constricting and it is hard to enjoy frolicking around with those leashes. My mommy gets so scared if I get away with out a leash. A dog park would also be a great place to have my birthday PAW-ty!!!”





Bella Casey

“WHOA!! you mean a place where I can run free and chase all the squirrels and birds that I want?! No “strings” attached?!” Bella Casey wants so bad to run full throttle. She loves people and dogs and is incredibly happy each time she gets the opportunity to socialize.





Bailey Bowen

Bailey is a small dog and spends more of her time on the couch barking at everything all day. The park would allow her to exercise and socialize freely which would probably relieve some of her anxiety issues. Not to mention wear her out so that she would probably sleep better when she’s at home. “Ok, this place sounds like it needs some real supervision, and I’m definitely the dog for the job!”




The city of Oxford has already looked into the benefits and they have looked for land for the park.They are looking at the property adjacent to the Oxford Civic Center or close to the Oxford Sports Complex. Letter from Council President Steven Waites

Weaver has a Skate Park.
Why shouldn’t Oxford have an Off Leash Dog Park?

If dogs could talk, it would take a lot of the fun out of owning one.  ~Andy Rooney

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Dega Baby! 10 Things to Know


Photo courtesy of Talladega Superspeedway

Its that time of year again. Once in the spring and then once in the fall, little Talladega Alabama, is filled with NASCAR Fans. Thousands and thousands of NASCAR fans. It easily becomes the 5th largest city in the state of Alabama. Fans will save up their vacation time to take the entire week off and travel to the event. They bring their campers & tents to stay in the fields surrounding the track. I affectionately call it, ‘Panama City, with out the water’.

As new comers to the area here are a few tips going into the weekend:

1. Prices go up. Hotels up $200 – $300 per night. Gas has already gone up .20 to .30 cents a gallon, so I hope you already filled up for the weekend. A case of beer has gone up about $1. Except for Bush, Natty, and the Beast, they have 2 for 1 specials. (They run off a quantity over quality business model.)

2. Talladega County is dry on Sunday. Buy early and often.

3. On that note, buy lots and lots of ice. Lots of it. Bring it from Oxford, Anniston, Pell City, or wherever you are coming from. They will not have any by the time you get to the race and it will melt even faster.

4. Stay away from Walmart. Need I say more.

5. Want to rub elbows with the drivers? The Ark is Tony Stewart’s favorite place and Brad Keselowski is at Montana Grill every Friday night before the October Race. (You Haven’t Been to Dega if you Haven’t Been to ‘Tana’s– Buy the T-Shirt) The night races at the dirt track are exciting, and always have drivers roaming around.

6. The North Campground is the most ‘active’. (The one with the giant flags.) It’s free to go in, but you must show a ticket to the race to enter.

7. Traffic is a NIGHTMARE. All Talladega County schools are out the Friday before the race and delay start or cancel school the Monday following the race. Consider yourself warned.

8. All Alabama State Troopers and surrounding county law enforcement will be sitting and waiting for you between exit 173 and exit 168, all down HWY 77, Hwy 78, and over course Speedway Boulevard. They will catch you speeding, jake braking, texting, and drunk driving. Don’t be Dumb.

9. Not everyone has access to showers. Ok, 97% of those staying around the track won’t shower. All one can hope is they brought some Axe Body Spray and brushed their teeth, and that was probably with day old beer.

10. People watch. Talladega brings a very eclectic crowd. The NASCAR fan base truly stretches demographic and socioeconomic boundaries. It’s better than the airport!

Now that you live in east Central Alabama you must go and experience Talladega! At least once…

Did I miss something? Have something to add? Please leave a comment below.


Whirlwind of Color 5K

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This past weekend I ran in the Whirlwind of Color 5K hosted by the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce. The run benefited the April 27th tornado victims. The event was able to raise over $10,000 for the continued support of those effected by the tornado in Calhoun County.

It was my first race to run and get splattered with paint. It was a ton of fun. I was on the committee to help plan the event, however most of the work and credit is given to Emily Duncan of the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce. She pulled off a great event! If you know Emily make sure to congratulate her on her efforts and this wonderful event.

I can’t wait till next year!

Fellow blogger Nathan Young with Geek Alabama took some great photos. Check out the Geek Alabama Blog!


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Oxfordfest happens every year the first Saturday in October. The streets Downtown Oxford are blocked off for vendors from all over the southeast to sell their goodies. A stage is set up and live music is played through out the day from local groups. There are bounce houses, rides, face painting, and other activities for kids to enjoy themselves as well.


In addition the items that can be purchased, an array of food vendors bring their trucks and dish out interesting combinations of southern food. I said “no” to the deep fried hot dog, but I couldn’t resist the deep fried Oreos.

Oxfordfest Website