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My definition of success: Being a Great Mother, A Great Wife, and a Great Real Estate Agent

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Credit Score Myth’s

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to hear a representative from Equifax go over what credit scores are and how they are derived.

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New TXT ERA Signs

I am really excited about the new TXT ERA! I am putting up my signs this week. Test it out and let me know what you think!

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Pumkins: Team Emma

I originally took this picture because I thought the pumpkins were so darn cute. After I shared it on Facebook, my friend Amy commented on the picture and gave me additional insight as to how and why the ‘Pumpkin Family’ came about.

It touched my heart! What a great thing Emma can look forward to doing!

If you would like additional information about Team Emma visit her Facebook Page.

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Not 4, Not 6, Not 8… 32 Pictures!


Buyers WANT to see your house. If you have your house on the market and your listing agent has only taken a handful of pictures, they are doing you a dis-service. How many potential buyers are not even walking in the front door because they only see a few pictures online and think something is wrong with the rest of the house? Our MLS, Birmingham Multiple Listing Service, allows 32 pictures to be uploaded. If you have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, kitchen and family room you can take 4 pictures of each bedroom (12 pics), a couple of pictures of both bathrooms (4 pics), a couple of pictures of your kitchen and family room (6 pics), and exterior pictures (4 pics). We are at a total of 26 pictures and have covered the entire house! As a seller, check out the major websites like,, and and see how many pictures of your house are available. If you are not seeing quality pictures of your home online, get your agent back out to your house!

Ask for more, expect more from your agent.

Painted Pumkins: Claire’s Chevron & Polk A Dots

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Claire’s pumpkins made me think of trying something different. This is the first year she has done a chevron pattern. I was still in awe of Polk a dots!

Painted Punkins: Katie’s Ghost Pumpkins

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These are my friend Katie’s pumpkins. They are too cut! Her kids were able to help too!

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Oxfordfest happens every year the first Saturday in October. The streets Downtown Oxford are blocked off for vendors from all over the southeast to sell their goodies. A stage is set up and live music is played through out the day from local groups. There are bounce houses, rides, face painting, and other activities for kids to enjoy themselves as well.


In addition the items that can be purchased, an array of food vendors bring their trucks and dish out interesting combinations of southern food. I said “no” to the deep fried hot dog, but I couldn’t resist the deep fried Oreos.

Oxfordfest Website