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Predictions After our National Convention

Predictions for the remainder of 2011 as told to the Top 50 ERA Companies during the International Business Conference:  There will be continued negative articles coming from the news media through the first half of 2011.  The simple reason is the media mostly compares sales data month over year (i.e.: March 2010 compared to March 2011). The comparisons are artificially negative due to the first-time homeowner tax credit being in full swing.  Thus making 2011 numbers look bad, when in actuality the 2011 numbers have a stronger foundation without government incentive. All that happened was the tax credit pulled future buyers out prematurely.  Therefore, the second half of 2010 sales numbers were artificially low after the incentive ended April 28 2010.  In the second half of 2011 month over year comparisons will be very favorable due to no government incentives with a stronger base business.  In other words, July of 2010 will compare much weaker than July of 2011.  This will cause positive articles coming out of the media for the first time in years!  This will bring rising confidence and a much needed sense of urgency.  Due to positive press and rising confidence, the second half of 2011 sales are expected to significantly increase, paving the way for a real and sustainable housing recovery.